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Why Soil & Mulch Producer News is Your Best Advertising Option for Reaching Industry Professionals?

Soil & Mulch Producer News is a bimonthly journal that circulates to more than 5000 industry professionals throughout North America. Our reader base includes soil, mulch & compost producers and resellers, soil remediation contractors, pallet recyclers, soil scientists and bio-fuel facility managers.

Soil & Mulch Producer News is also distributed at more than a dozen industry trade conferences, including the U.S. composting council conference and the mulch & Soil council Annual meeting.

Equipment Owned
(1 or more units per company)
% of Readers
Grinder, Shredder or Chipper 69.9%
Bagging or Packaging System 28.8%
Soil/Mulch Blower System 14.4%
Mulch Coloring System 31.4%
Material Screening System 59.5%
Skid-Steer Loader or Tractor 81.7%
Transport Trailer 56.2%
Compost Turner 24.8%
In-Vessel Compost System 7.2%
Mixer, Turner or Spreader 19.6%
Temperature Monitoring Equip 10.5%
Storage Building 23.5%

Circulation Profile

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