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Pile Mapping Systems

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Firmatek, LLC
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10010 San Pedro Ave, Suite 850
San Antonio, TX 78216

Phone: (210) 651-4990
Email: info@firmatek.com
Website: www.firmatek.com
At Firmatek, we believe that your ever-changing environment can make decision-making difficult. Firmatek provides pallet inventory counts and stockpile inventory measurements using drone-based aerial imagery to help you increase site safety and efficiency, streamline decision making, and reduce your operating costs. We provide insights and confidence that will help you improve your operational efficiencies.
Stockpile Reports
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8201 164th Ave NE, Suite 200
Redmond, WA 98052

Phone: (425) 428-5266
Email: sales@stockpilereports.com
Website: www.stockpilereports.com
Stockpile Reports is a cutting-edge inventory management solution. Offering a patented iPhone app for on-demand measurement, fixedcameras for near-real-time inventory monitoring, and drone solutions for fullsite inventory measurement, Stockpile Reports provides inventory numbers you can trust! Stockpile Reports enables companies to make better, more strategic decisions, forecast more confidently, and reduce risk.